Winter Skincare Routine - How To Achieve That Glowing Winter Complexion?

Winter Skincare Routine - How To Achieve That Glowing Winter Complexion?

Every year, when winter truly hits you find yourself struggling with excessively dry skin, wind-burns, or perhaps chapped lips as well. People like to believe these skin conditions are the part and parcel of the cold season. But, what if we tell you, this winter we are here with all the tips for effortlessly winterproof skin? In fact, not many people know that the arrival of the winter season demands only a few trivial changes in your existing skincare routine. Lucky for them, we have carefully paved the road to radiant, young-looking healthy skin this winter season. Read on for a glowing winter complexion this season. Here are all the tips for this harsh weather to manage your winter skin like a pro.

#1: Use Lukewarm Water Instead Of Warm Water

There’s no denying that a hot water shower is irresistible. But, extremely hot water, is not exactly what your skin needs. That is why we urge you to not give in, to the temptation. Excessively hot water damages as well as dehydrates your precious winter skin. This might make your skin dry and dull. Lukewarm water, on the other hand, fulfills the desire for warmth and doesn’t dehydrate your skin.

#2: Pick A Cream Based Gentle Cleanser.

Winter and dry skin is something that everyone is familiar with. You wouldn’t want to over-cleanse your already dry skin with a harsh cleanser. Would you? That is, with the arrival of winters you must switch to a gentle and cream based cleanser. Also, it doesn’t have to be excessively rich and greasy.

#3: Do Not Entirely Give Up On Exfoliation

Exfoliating dry skin may seem challenging. But exfoliation will removes all the dead skin cells from and make your skin glow. shine through. However, you need to make sure you use a gentle exfoliator. We highly recommend going for a face polish instead of any regular harsh scrub. Its best to exfoliate once a week.

#4: Your Skin Needs It Daily Dose Of Moisturization.

If you want healthy feeling and healthy-looking winter skin, you need to add a nourishing moisturizer in your AM and PM routine. In fact, pick products with natural ingredients to make sure your skin is healthy all day long.

#5: Add A Vitamin C Serum In Your Routine.

Serums are magical skincare products. A Vitamin C serum effortlessly brightens your dull skin. This skincare investment is perfect for skin rejuvenation and dewy radiance along with anti-aging effects.

#6: Use A Natural Lip Balm

Your chapped lips are screaming for attention. You need a natural lip care product for nourished lips all day long.

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