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Why Using A Face Oil Is So Important For A Healthy Glow!

If you think using a face oil would make your skin 'oily' and prone to breakouts, think again! It is one of the 'ancient' beauty products that people used to get a clear, healthy skin all around the world and especially Egypt! Face oils nourish, soothe and calm the skin, protecting it from environmental damage. Moreover, it might be that one missing step from your at the par skincare regimen because of which you're not getting the results you expected! Not all face oils are the same so looking at the ingredient list is never a bad choice! If you still have doubts in your mind, keep reading. (We'll attach some links right here because you might rush to buy a face oil after reading this post!)


Fights wrinkles and other signs of aging!

Look for an oil that's packed with antioxidants and is not too greasy as face oils help in preventing free radical damage which further helps in reducing the signs of aging. The one with the right ingredients can help you fight wrinkles, dark spots, pigmentation and other signs of aging.


A boon for dry skin!

A face oil with right ingredients is much better than any lotion or cream out there! If you have dry, flaky skin, try using a face oil as it provides nourishment that lasts long and penetrates deep into the skin, making it soft, supple and beautiful!


You can use it as a primer!

Using a light face oil can help you in many ways! Not only it penetrates deep into the skin but it serves as a perfect base for makeup and makes your skin look smooth. If you're doing the 'no makeup-makeup look', you just got lucky, try using a face oil instead of a primer and see how good it gets!


They lock the moisture in and protect the skin!

Face oils can penetrate deep into the skin, locking moisture and good ingredients inside the skin cells while keeping toxins, pollutants and other irritants out! They also tend to increase elasticity and strengthen the skin in the longer haul.


They have great soothing abilities!

Face oils can soothe your skin as they have great anti-inflammatory properties! They also tend to soothe the pigmented skin, making it look better. Rashes, redness, etc. are some skin conditions a face oil can deal effectively with!


Pores? Not anymore!

Might sound weird to all those who're not really familiar to face oils but yes, face oils hydrate the skin so well while locking-in the moisture that it looks smooth and supple. They tend to shrink the pore size while making your skin look flawless!


They can also help in curing and preventing acne!

Some oils like tea tree, jojoba, baobab, etc. are known to cure acne and acne scars. A lightweight, antioxidant-rich, non-greasy oil can help in preventing acne by keeping the free radicals out and moisture in! Convinced to buy one already? Well, if you are, here are some face oils from Model Off Duty Beauty, formulated to keep your skin healthy, glowing and all that we mentioned in this post! You can read about the ingredients and their benefits in their respective posts! 

Youth Illuminating Face Oil

A highly concentrated blend of deeply nourishing and hydrating plant-based oils that feed the skin with anti-oxidants and omegas for a healthy, radiant glow and anti aging properties.

Supreme Even Skin Blue Tansy Face Oil

This lightweight face oil is excellent for calming all skin types and a favorite face oil for acne-prone skin and dry skin. Packed with powerful ingredients like Blue Tansy and Squalane to soothe and balance your skin. 

Golden Glow Face Oil

A replenishing facial oil for combination and dry skin types formulated with superfoods that hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin radiantly glowing. 

Midnight Zen Sleeping Face Oil

A power house oil that boosts the look and feel of skin, while improving the appearance of wrinkles, redness, and pores for visibly younger-looking skin. Its unique formulation of Chamomile and Lavender gives a calming and relaxed feel.

Which one do you like the most?