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This Magical Ingredient Is A Skincare Marvel And We're Obsessed

What Is Rooibos?

Rooibos is a shrub and one of the greatest treasures of South Africa! It's been consumed as a tea for centuries and is loved more than green and black tea around the globe! While it has some major health benefits which have been in the spotlight since quite a long time now, it has a plenty of beauty benefits too, which aren't highlighted much whenever someone talks about it! Rooibos is a truly a blessing when it comes to skincare!

Power of Rooibos (or should I call it RoiBoss?)

True to its pronunciation, it is really the 'boss' of shrubs!! It is power-packed with things that are good for your skin like natural AHAs, powerful antioxidants, zinc, potassium and what not! When applied topically, it shows great results and has the ability to deal with every skincare problem - from acne to ageing! Listed below are a few benefits of Rooibos, everyone should definitely know about!

  • It has UV and pollutant-fighting powers and also helps in soothing redness, dryness, etc. caused due to sunburn.
  • Rooibos has around 50 times the antioxidants of green tea and helps in fighting free radicals in the skin. It also helps in increasing the cell turnover.
  • The AHAs and zinc compound present in Rooibos helps in fighting acne and inflammation. Moreover, AHAs are great for exfoliation and helps in removing dead skin cells.
  • It is also helpful in preventing the growth of precancerous skin cells.
  • One of the most talked-about benefits of Rooibos is that it prevents premature ageing and is extremely effective in hydrating dry skin!

Adding a bit of Rooibos in your skincare routine can benefit your skin up to a great extent. Here is how you can add this powerful ingredient to your daily skincare routine!

Superfruit Restorative Eye Cream

Superfruit Restorative Eye Cream supports the lifting and firming of skin in the eye area. It brightens and hydrates and helps to erase the look of lines.

Advantages of including Rooibos in your skincare routine!

Yeah, you read it right. Rooibos has some great anti-ageing properties which can slow down premature ageing, keep your skin hydrated and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The AHAs present in Rooibos tea extract helps in fighting the free radicals and repairs damage caused by the pollutants. It also has inflammatory properties and fights acne & acne scars. It also reduces puffiness and fights dark circles, keeping the skin youthful and glowing! All in all, it is a superhero ingredient which helps in hydrating the skin, fights all signs of ageing and imparts a luxurious glow to the skin!

Have you added this miraculous ingredient into your skincare routine yet?