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Everything You Need To Know About Moringa And It's Magical Benefits In Skincare

Derived from a tree indigenous to India, Moringa is more than a buzzword when it comes to the beauty sphere! From lotions to shampoos and even oils, moringa is everywhere and there isn't a reason why it shouldn't be! This magical ingredient is loaded with nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, Omega-3, -6, -9 and trust us, they're all true blessings for the skin. One of our favorite ingredients, moringa has been used in the skincare industry for quite a long time now, and here are some reasons why you should definitely include it in your skincare routine! Caution: You're gonna fall in love with this ingredient if you continue reading the post!

  • Moringa oil is similar to the oil our skin produces hence it helps in balancing and regulating the sebum production.
  • Moringa is also known to protect the skin from free radicals.
  • It's one of the most potent sources of vitamin A and helps in fighting the signs of aging.
  • It helps in preventing acne and breakouts by regulating the sebum production.
  • Moringa is a great source of antioxidants hence protects the skin from environmental damage and pollution.
  • It is extremely rich in vitamin C and helps in diminishing the signs of aging.
  • It can also be used to heal spots and scars.
  • Moringa is a rich source of vitamin E and has great anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in soothing the skin.
  • It is extremely beneficial for dry skin as it hydrates the skin and makes it supple.
  • It can also provide you with a flawless complexion as it helps in reducing pigmentation. dark spots, etc.
  • Moringa also helps in boosting the production of collagen.

When applied topically, moringa has almost all the benefits you can expect from a skincare ingredient. It can also be consumed in the form of tea, seasoning or the way you like it - it won't disappoint you ever! Already in love with it? Well, we're too! Well, if you're already looking for a product loaded with the goodness of this magical ingredient, here's one from Model Off Duty Beauty!

Golden Glow Face Oil

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