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The Magic of Multi-masking

There are a number of popular skincare trends. But, multi-masking reigns them all. Multi-masking is enormously popular among skin-care enthusiasts. But If you are still unaware of the term. Here is all you need to know about multi-masking and its benefits.



Multi-masking comprises of effectively using more than one type of face masks in your skincare routine. Face masks have the potential to offer the best replenishment to dry or dehydrated skin. A good face mask should be full of vitamins and antioxidants. These essential ingredients help in the prevention of skin damage. A powerful mask can reinstate your skin’s natural glow and elasticity. The best face masks are loaded with beneficial ingredients that are Natural, Vegan, Paraben Free, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Phthalate Free, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic as well as sustainable.


The Benefits of Multi-Masking:

Multi-masking if aided with suitable face masks, can be a beneficial indulgence in your skincare routine, but there’s more than one type of mask. If you have a skin type that’s both oily and dry, combination and dehydrated, and more, you can reap the benefits of different types of masks—that’s where multi-masking comes in.


Multi-masking: Cater to all your needs

Multi-masking gives you an extravagant and luxury spa-like experience right at your home. Multi-masking is a boon for those with combination skin types. If you have dry skin on your cheeks and a super oily T-zone. One face mask may not do it all. You will need multi-masking. Now you need an active oil absorbent mask for your oily areas and but for the non-oily part, you deserve a richer and hydrating mask for a soothing experience.


How to Multi-mask?

Once you have understood your unique skin concerns, and have found the most suitable face masks. What are your next steps? Remember, you need a soothing moisture mask for dry areas and an oil-absorbing for your t-zone.


Multi-masking for Dull skin:

You can get rid of dullness with a skin-brightening face mask but for areas around the eyes, you need an anti-aging eye cream to address fine lines. These different masks have different roles and this is the key to good skin. However, make sure you follow the instructions of both the masks for separate areas.


Multi-masking for Enlarged Pores and Dehydrated Skin

Your dehydrated and thirsty skin around your cheeks as well as forehead. But you need a different kind of care for your enlarged pores on the nose. You need an oil-rich face mask on the dry areas. Whereas, an effective pore-refining clay mask for your nose. Similarly, you can target all your skin care issues at once using this technique. Dullness, pimples, pores, or wrinkles, multitasking can ease it all for you without having to hit the spa. You can consider adding these masks from Model Off Duty Beauty to add to your skincare regimen.


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