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It has been well established that a gentle cleanser is a must for the beginning of a good skincare routine. But, have you heard about “double cleansing”?


Double Cleansing and its Importance

Basically, double cleansing is a technique that involves making use of two different types of cleansers. Yes, double cleaning is using another cleanser right after the first one. This technique is known to have popularized by Japan and South Korea. Double Cleansing is absolutely essential for some unique skin concerns. At the same time, it can be unnecessary for several skin types. The importance of double cleansing is completely based on individual skin types and skin concerns. Moreover, the kind of makeup you use also affects your cleansing needs.


Is Double Cleansing essential for you?

To know if it is essential for you, you need to know the notion behind double-cleansing. It had been introduced to establish thorough cleansing. Your first cleanser is meant to, remove your makeup as well as sunscreen. This primary step that the first cleanser is supposed to achieve. This is meant to clear the path of your second cleanser. In the absence of this primary cleanser, one cleanser alone will have to work its way through layers of makeup along with sunscreen which is too much to expect from one cleanser. But today cleansers are stronger and more effective. They are specifically tailored to break through your make up and wash away any impurities on the surface. In fact, you do not need two cleansers for double cleansing, you can simply use the same product twice. Proper cleansing ensures that any other skincare products that you may use will work better. Thereby, we can conclude that if you don’t wear a lot of make-up or use a significantly lightweight sunscreen. You do not need double-cleansing. However, if you feel your skin is sticky or greasy even after cleansing, you can opt for a different cleanser or simply double-cleanse. But remember, it’s better to use two gentle cleansers than one harsh cleanser.


How to chose cleansers?

There’s no traditional guideline for the types of cleansers that should be used for double-cleansing. However, first, you should use a gel cleanser with a gentle foam followed by a gentle cream cleanser. We highly recommend using Dewy Me Vitamin C Cleanser followed by Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid. Dewy Me Vitamin C Cleanser is a gel-based cleanser. The deep cleansing benefits of this gel cleanser with a gentle foam that removes impurities without drying your skin and with the help of Vitamin C helps prevent skin damage. Whereas Glow + Hydrate Cream Cleanser Hybrid is a powerful yet gentle daily cream cleanser. It is formulated with ingredients and vitamins to give you an ultimate cleanse while hydrating your skin.


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