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The Best Face Masks For Acne-Prone Skin!

Living with acne-prone skin is no joke and we know it! We've all been through the 'acne-phase' in our teenage (not talking about the lucky ones) but some of us have to deal with it for a lifetime and that's hard! If your skin tends to breakout easily, you must've tried out anything and everything that claims to make your skin 'clear'! Well, oily skin is more prone to acne as compared to combination or dry skin because the excess amount of oil results in pore-clogging, which eventually leads to acne. Face masks are good for every skin type, they're something essential as they help in unclogging pores while sucking out impurities and excess oil from the surface of your skin. Here are a few masks you should definitely try if you're in a constant battle with your acne-prone skin!
  • Charcoal mask : Charcoal has wonderful cleansing properties as it absorbs oil, dirt and other unwanted substances from the skin surface, leaving the pores unclogged and fresh. It also helps in making the pores look smaller and skin surface clean. You can try out this mask from model off duty beauty, as it is enriched with the goodness of ingredients that can wipe off dirt from your skin surface and lock the moisture within so that your skin looks clean, fresh and healthy!
  • Superfood mask : Superfoods are utterly rich in antioxidants and other skin nourishing vitamins and minerals. Try using a mask that is packed with the goodness of superfoods like pumpkin, cranberry, etc. and can cleanse your skin on a deeper level while nourishing it from the inside. Antioxidants present in superfoods help in fighting acne-causing bacteria and free radicals that are mainly responsible from breakouts. You can try adding this mask into your skincare routine as it is loaded with antioxidants and other good ingredients like AHAs that make your skin look healthier in no time!
  • Tea mask : Green tea, rooibos and white contain this wonderful antioxidant known as EGCG, which helps in healing and preventing breakouts. It also cleanses, nourishes and prevents the skin from further breakouts. You can try adding this mask into your skincare routine as it is packet with the goodness of white tea, green tea and rooibos and can hydrate your skin to make it even brighter, cleaner and healthier.
Already in love with face masks? Which one would you like to try first?