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Kickstart Your Summer With This Summer-Special Skincare Regimen

Whether you realize it or not but with the constant rise in temperature, your skin will begin protesting against all the heavy formulas it craved for in the winters. Your winter cream will simply clog pores, cause breakouts and make your skin dull. This is precisely why you need to toss away all your heavy and greasy products and pick out a new summer-skin regimen. A carefully curated summer skincare routine can save you from any congestion, and give you the recipe to glow this summer. As a matter of fact, updating your skincare routine in accordance with the season, environment and your skin’s unique requirement is extremely important.


In summers, with a constant rise in temperature, your skin begins to sweat. Along with that your natural sebum production and oil production is elevated. Since, it the exact opposite of how our skin behaves in the winters, clearly you cant be using the same products especially if you want to avoid untimely breakouts and other related skincare concerns. So, if you are wondering how to kickstart your summer with this summer-special skincare regimen, here is all you need to know.

The Summer Special Skincare Routine

First things first, before you dive into an entire skincare regimen you must understand the unique requirements of your skin. Start by listening to your skin. Avoid the ingredients that cause any irritation and incorporate the ones that suit your skin type. Apart from that, there are certain tips and tricks you must remember. You need to stay hydrated. This includes hydrating products in your skincare as well as drinking enough water. Also, never miss out on sunscreen. Now, to transition into the summers your skincare regimen needs to change accordingly. Here is how you can make changes to your routine.

Cleanser: Add a gel-based cleanser instead of a creamy cleanser. Do not incorporate a harsh cleanser. However, if you want to get rid of the extra oil incorporate double-cleansing. You can go for a vitamin C cleanser for fresh and bright skin.

Toner: Try and pick a hydrating toner that hydrates your skin while prepping your skin for all the next steps. Pick an alcohol-free gentle toner for a safe experience.

Facial Serum: Go for an oil-free serum that is lightweight. You can pick the serum according to your unique issues. If you want to get rid of the dull skin go for a vitamin C serum, if you want to eliminate signs of aging go for a bakuchiol or a ceramide serum. But, make sure it is natural, lightweight, and grease-free.

Moisturizer: Yes, you do need a moisturizer in your summer skincare regimen. The only trick is to pick a lightweight moisturizer of your choice which is oil-free and safe for your skin.

Mask: For the summer season you must pick masks that give you matte glow. Avoid moisturizing masks and go for clay-based or charcoal masks that are exfoliating in nature.

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