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Invigorating Ingredients For When Your Sleep Schedule Is Off The Rails

If you think about it, a good night’s sleep has a direct and significant relationship with all aspects of your health. One such undeniable relationship is between your skin’s health and your sleep schedule. In fact, this relationship is the root of why the term beauty sleep exists in our life. However, when you just cannot find the time for that 8-hour long beauty sleep, you need to take good care of your skin for a well-rested look. Your skin has the natural ability to repair and rejuvenate when you sleep. It's almost miraculous. However, when your sleep schedule is simply off the rails, you can incorporate a few skincare ingredients to invigorate your skin for a fresh-looking glow.

Let’s face it lack of sleep can lead to tired and puffy eyes, dark circles, dull complexion and so much worse. That is why you need ingredients to mimic your skin’s innate repair and restore process. Here are the top ingredients that can help you achieve that fresh, young, and well-rested glow.

Green Tea

Just like a cup of green tea, green tea in skincare can be an invigorating addition to your skincare regimen. Filled with powerful antioxidant properties, green tea is incredibly antiaging and helps in the elimination of signs of aging. It is all you need to boost the collagen and elastin production which mimics the natural rejuvenation process of the skin.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is all you need to achieve a bright and glowing complexion. But, that’s just not it, it is capable of stimulating natural collagen production, just as good as a good night’s sleep. Plus, it is filled with anti-aging properties that helps in delivering smooth and wrinkle -free skin. It can also help you get rid of puffy eyes, dullness and darkness.

Glycolic Acid

Another excellent ingredient that you can incorporate is glycolic acid. Filled with exfoliating properties, glycolic acid can help you get rid of any dead skin cells. Incorporate it into your routine for to reveal a brighter and fresher complexion. It also helps by delivering plump and hydrated skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid can help you reinstate any lost moisture from your skin. In fact, this ingredient has a unique quality to lock the moisture for long-lasting hydration. This is all you need for a young-looking hydrated glow.

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