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Should you wait before applying another skincare product?

Well, if you are a skincare junkie, how long should you wait between applying different skincare products might be a question that crosses your mind time and again. Different products play different roles in improving and maintaining the quality of your skin. As long as you are providing your skin with the ingredients that are good, you don't have to wait. Skin can handle a lot of good ingredients at once so waiting is usually a personal preference. Time between applying different skincare products does not affect the ability of another skincare product to permeate into the skin. Just like your body can absorb various good ingredients at once, your skin can too. Clean, gentle, well-formulated products get absorbed by the skin quickly and do not hinder the skin replenishing process. More than being about the benefits, it's about how the products feels on your skin. While some people like to wait before applying another product, some people like to roll it all at once. Neither of these techniques are wrong but it's about how you feel after applying the product. Here are some exceptions you can consider before applying a series of products.
  • If the combination of products you're applying makes your skin greasy or they tend to ball up, it's better to wait before applying another product.
  • Sunscreen has to be the last skincare product you apply and it is good to let your skin soak other skincare products before you apply this final layer.
  • Applying other skincare products after using AHA or BHA exfoliators does not affect the efficacy of either of them.
  • If you have blemishes and you're using benzoyl peroxide, you can still apply other skincare products over it. It will soothe and resupply your skin with healthy antioxidants.

Now that you know you don't have to wait between applying different products, here is a serum from Model Off Duty Beauty you can consider adding to your skincare regimen.

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