What is AHA?

How to prevent and tighten sagging skin!

Our skin naturally produces substances like hyaluronic acid, etc. that help in keeping the skin youthful and glowing but as we age, our skin's natural ability to produce these components decreases drastically. Also, if you tend to lose or weight gain quite frequently, it decreases the elasticity of your skin, causing it to sag over time. The best you can do is to prevent it from sagging by adding certain products to your skincare routine. Here are some tips on how to prevent your skin from sagging.
  • Whenever you go out in the sun, do not forget to protect your skin with a layer of sunscreen. Yes, it is as important as washing your face twice a day so do not ever skip on it. It prevents your skin from aging in the long term.
  • Moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, MSM, etc. are incredibly important as dry skin leads to premature aging. You can try adding this & this into your skincare routine to keep it healthy and hydrated.
  • Also, antioxidants are extremely important as they protect your skin from environmental damage. Antioxidants also enhance the skin's natural ability to look young and feel younger which otherwise tends to slow down as we age. You can try adding this & this into your regimen as they're enriched with the best of antioxidants that help in keeping your skin younger and better!
  • Moreover, try adding an AHA exfoliant to your daily skincare routine as they improve the skin condition and exfoliates it without causing any damage. They also help in hydrating the skin while removing free radicals to make it look smoother and brighter. You can try this serum and this mask as they're enriched with AHAs in order to make your skin light and bright.
  • Retinol might do wonders for your skin as it is also known as the 'anti-aging' ingredient. If you want a natural alternative to retinol, try adding bakuchiol or 'the natural retinol' into your skincare routine according to skin experts, it is better than retinol. You can try this serum as it is packed with the goodness of bakuchiol and helps in boosting collagen while keeping it youthful and brighter!
  • You can also try adding niacinamide to your regimen as it helps in slowing down the overall aging process. Rich in antioxidants, it keeps your skin hydrated and evens out the skin tone while fighting hyperpigmentation. It is also known to keep your skin free from pollutants, irritants and clogged pores. You can try adding this and this to your skincare regimen as they're enriched with the power of this 'good' ingredient and prevents it from sagging.
Moreover, establishing a proper skincare routine is very important as it helps in keeping the skin healthy and youthful while preventing it from sagging.