How to prevent acne

The Ultimate Guide To Effective Acne Prevention

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Well, turns out it is certainly applicable to skincare - especially acne. Although managing acne-prone skin is tough, managing active acne is even more difficult. There are hundreds of articles out there that will tell you how to manage your acne. But let's be honest, acne management is super risky. Every product you are planning to apply holds a very high chance of aggravating the skin. Moreover, people like to research acne management, but they completely overlook the most imperative aspect of acne advice - acne prevention. After extensive research, we have listed 4 things that you need to toss out of your life and 4 things you need to incorporate into your skincare routine to prevent acne. Here is all you need to adapt and toss out for effective acne prevention.

Acne Prevention: What You Need To Toss Out?

#1 Alcohol

You need to make a habit of reading the ingredient label of every product you use. If any product on your shelf contains SD or denatured alcohol, you need to toss it out immediately. They are common aggravating ingredients for acne-prone skin. The worst part about such ingredients is, it may seem like they are drying out your acne when you first start using them, but with long-term usage, they will make your skin more prone to acne.

#2 Heavy Makeup

You need to find makeup that is not very heavy. Avoid solid or thick creams. Any foundation stick is a big no. Anything that clogs your pores will cause more acne. You need to find lightweight liquid-based or gel-based or perhaps sheer lotion.

#3 Harsh Cleansers

Everyone with oily skin likes instantly matte-dry skin. But, picking harsh cleansers or toners is not the solution. At first, you may feel your skin isn’t as oily as before. But harsh cleansers strip away the essential moisture from the skin as well. This makes the skin more prone to acne in the long run.

#4 Chemical Filled Products

You need to throw out anything that is chemical-filled or toxic in nature. Your skin absorbs everything you apply to it. It’s practically like eating. Your skin craves natural skin-friendly and mild ingredients. For example, if you want the goodness of retinol, but without the side effects, opt for bakuchiol instead.

Acne Prevention: What You Need To Incorporate?

#1 Alcohol-free, Natural & Vegan Products

Your skin is sensitive - that is precisely why you must invest in natural chemical free and vegan products. This rules out any possibility of allergic reactions, side effects, or acne aggravation.

#2 Double Cleansing

Instead of using one harsh cleanser or bar, you must opt for two mild cleansers to keep your skin non-oily and shine-free. Also, make sure you cleanse around the hairline and the neck.

#3 Lightweight Moisturizer

Even when you have oily skin, your skincare regime must have a moisturizer. Hydration is essential, that is why instead of using a sticky moisturizer, you must pick a lightweight hydrating moisturizer.

#4 Multi-Masking

Selecting one mask may be difficult for your combination skin type. So, you need to incorporate multi-masking into your skincare regimen. Multi-masking basically means that you use separate masks for separate parts of the face. Remember, you need a soothing moisture mask for dry areas and an oil-absorbing one for your t-zone.

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