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Can You Afford A Skincare Routine Without Collagen?

Almost every skincare product out there claims that it is capable of boosting your collagen levels. From face creams to collagen masks, there are endless products that specifically target your collagen production. But haven’t you ever wondered what exactly is collagen? In fact, why is collagen vital for your skin? We are here with all the right answers. In fact, only after elaborate research, we have curated this informative piece to answer all your curious questions about collagen in skincare.

What Is Collagen?

Your skin needs plenty of skin care ingredients for its optimum nourishment. One such ingredient is collagen. More precisely, collagen is an abundant protein that makes up to 80% of your skin. Clearly, it plays a major role in how your skin feels, looks, and ages. Furthermore, collagen and elastin together help your skin in getting rid of any signs of aging. To brief it all, as you age, your natural collagen levels go down; and that is the time to incorporate a collagen-infused skincare product to maintain your natural youthful glow. Apart from aging factors like pollution and the sun also lead to the reduction of natural collagen production.

Why Is Collagen Vital For Your Skin?

As your natural collagen diminishes, your skin loses its natural firmness. This, however, makes your skin saggy. Your wrinkles become more prominent, the area around your eyes appears tired. This makes the incorporation of collagen-infused products very crucial for your skin. With regular use of a collagen supplement, the wrinkles around your eyes will gradually diminish. In fact, the skin becomes firmer and supple. Clearly, you cannot afford to miss out on this essential ingredient.

How To Add Collagen Boosting Ingredients To Your Existing Skin Care Routine?

You already know the drill, cleanse, tone, exfoliate, use a targeted serum, and moisturize. Now, collagen can be effortlessly added in one or more of these steps. The market offers endless choices. However, to make sure you pick the right one, try preferring products fueled with natural ingredients. There are several natural ingredients that naturally boost collagen content some of them are,

Green Tea

This powerful ingredient is full of an antioxidant called EGCG. This antioxidant protects the skin from UV rays and signs of aging. Most importantly green tea is packed with vitamins B and E. Vitamin B maintains the skin’s natural and balanced collagen production. On the other hand, Vitamin E promotes natural cell renewal, hydration, and nourishment of the skin.

Coconut Oil

This oil is filled with natural anti-aging properties. In fact, coconut oil is capable of hydrating the skin. At the same time, it makes your skin elastic and effectively boosts collagen production.


This exciting ingredient is an effective exfoliant. Apart from that, it is filled with vitamins A and C that effectively boosts natural collagen production. Cranberries are super anti-aging as well as moisturizing.


This natural retinol alternative nourishes your skin with all the anti-aging elements. It is capable of making your skin firm and elastic. It boosts your skin with optimum levels of collagen and elastin and gives you surprisingly younger-looking skin.

Vitamin C

If you want to get rid of all the redness and increases the quality and quantity of collagen you must pick a vitamin-C infused product.

Apart from these excellent ingredients pumpkin seed oil, hyaluronic acid, rosehip oil, and sea buckthorn are 100% natural ingredients collagen-boosting ingredients. Moreover, you can incorporate all these collagen-filled ingredients into your daily routine with the help of these exciting recommendations.

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