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How to Effectively Manage Your Oily Skin?

If you have been struggling with oily skin. You already know controlling oily skin is not a joke. In fact, it is frustrating, because most of the products that are meant to get rid of the excess oil do more damage than good. Oily skin is easily aggravated. Not every product suits every skin type. Unsuitable products trigger that undesirable oily shine. We understand the mess oily skincare can be. This is precisely why we conducted extensive research to deliver proper guidance along with suitable products that are bound to work well. After this quick read, you will be clear as crystal on how to manage oily skin.


The Basics Of Oily Skin

Before doing something about it, you need to understand your skin. Clearly, oily skin is excessively hard to handle. For people with extremely oily skin, a smooth and balanced texture sounds like a farfetched dream. You must understand how excess oil production affects your skin. If not managed well, excessive oil production stretches your pores. Gradually, your pores are enlarged because they are forced to handle beyond their capacity. In fact, with time your pore lining thickens. This further results in blackheads as well as white bumps.


How to Manage Oily Skin?

The primary step in managing your oily skin should be to evaluate your existing skincare regime. Stop! If you have been using products formulated with harsh ingredients to excessively dry your skin. Although, harsh ingredients will make your skin less oily in no time. However, in the long run, such products will do more damage than good. Yes, there are certain products you need to toss out of your skincare immediately. Here is a list of products that falsely claim they help you manage oily skin. Kick them out before they make the matters worse.
  • Harsh, drying ingredients like SD alcohol or denatured alcohol.
  • Skin tingling products like menthol, mint, or even eucalyptus.
  • Products containing pore-clogging ingredients like bar soaps or even stick foundations.
  • Rich Creams-based products. Instead, use weightless serums, gels, or fluid lotions.

Tried and Tested Routine for Oily Skin

After a proper tried and tested session we have come up with the safest skincare regime for the ones with oily skin. These steps ill actively help you take charge of your oily skin



Cleansing is the primary step of any effective skincare routine. But, how to select the perfect cleanser? You should remember, the kind of cleanser you are using matters so much more than realize. You need a gentle, water-soluble, fragrance-free cleanser. Several people think it is a good idea to cleanse excessively. That's not healthy for your skin. If you continuously use a harsh cleanser, your skin's protective layer will breakdown. Your perfect skincare routine should be, alcohol-free, gentle, and skin-replenishing. You should try and pick a product with more natural products.



If you have been skipping on using toners for your face, you have been missing out on a lot. Pick an alcohol-free toner for your oily skin. In fact, make sure it is full of antioxidants as well as skin-replenishing ingredients. Suitable toners can recharge and renew your skin. Along with that they minimize your pores and make your skin smooth.



Exfoliation can help you level up your skincare for managing oily skin. It can help you get rid of that a thick coat of extra dead skin built-up. You must pick exfoliators with salicylic acid (BHA) for the best results.

Sun Protection

You may feel like giving up on sunscreen due to the sticky and greasy feeling. But, pick weightless or perhaps mattifying sunscreens for your skin type. But don not skin your SPF of the day.



Pick a lightweight or gel-based hydrating product. In fact, a gel moisturizer or lightweight serum is the perfect pick for you. You need to feed your skin with essential antioxidants to make you look healthy and rejuvenated.

Mask to Absorb Excess Oil

Pick an oil-absorbing primer or clay mask for oily skin to deliver instant results. However, they are not essential but they offer instant relief from that greasy and shiny oil.

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