Benefits of Using Eye Creams & How to Properly Use Them?

We have all heard the promises of what eye creams have to offer. The potential benefits of eye creams include reducing all the signs of aging including dark circles, fine lines, or wrinkles. But do eye creams work? What are the benefits of eye creams and how to properly use them? You might wonder why eye cream is even needed at all. You need an eye cream because the skin under your eye is the most sensitive area of your face. But the sad part is, it is easily neglected in your basic skincare. This increases the chances of wrinkles, dark circles, and fine lines due to regular exposure to sun and dry conditions. Eye creams serve as saviors as they help to nourish the skin and keeps it moisturized. Here is all you need to know about eye creams and their potential benefits.


What are eye creams?

Eye creams are products specially made for your delicate area under and around your eye. They are restorative in nature. People tend to believe eye creams are simply moisturizers in small packets. But that’s not true. There are differences between eye cream and facial creams. Eye creams are usually thicker than any other creams. In fact, they are formulated with more oil content than any regular facial lotion. Furthermore, they contain several active and effective ingredients that are exclusively tailored to target and solve the skin concerns around the eyes.


What is so special about the area around the eyes?

It should be noted that the skin around your eyes is comparatively more fragile and thinner than the rest of your face. That means, the area around the eye requires special care because it is more prone to signs of aging and fatigue, due to excessive dryness. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, or dark circles make you look older and tired. Furthermore, because the eye area is so fragile, it is naturally the primary area that loses its elasticity due to external and internal factors. With age, your skin gradually loses that natural bounce. This is because, over time, the natural collagen begins to break down, which leads to saggy and wrinkled skin. This is precisely why; eye creams are essential because they can effectively address all these issues.


What are the Benefits of Eye Creams?

If you are new to eye creams or you do not have any specific skin concerns to tackle. The primary benefit you should seek from your eye cream is hydration. Undoubtedly, hydrated skin is far less prone to signs of aging and fatigue. However, there are several other benefits of eye creams:
  • Promotes wrinkle reduction.
  • Improves your skin texture.
  • Helps in protecting skin from excessive dryness.
  • Provides Moisture and hydration.
  • Makes you look younger as well as fresher.
  • Protection against skin damage.
  • Promotes supple skin.

How to use eye creams?

The most important fact to you need to remember before applying eye cream is that you need to be super gentle. You can apply any skincare product only after you have properly removed your makeup. Be patient with your eyes and your lashes. However, after you have removed all the makeup. Next, you need to prep your skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone, and moisturize. Only after these four steps, you must apply your eye cream. For the application of eye cream, you should use only one finger to reduce the amount of pressure. You need to take a dime-sized amount (Yes, do not overdo it.) and gently pat on your delicate under-eye area and around eye sockets only until the eye cream is absorbed.


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