FACE POLISH 101: Are You Exfoliating Right?

FACE POLISH 101: Are You Exfoliating Right?

A key part of your skincare regime is exfoliation. And as a matter of fact, there are endless exfoliation products available in the market. Some are chemically infused while some are gentler packed with natural ingredients. Clearly, for long-term usage, you must opt for a comparatively natural product that works for you. We highly recommend face polish instead of a normal scrub. A face polish is extraordinarily gentle as compared to a face scrub. Unlike every other chemically loaded product on the market, it is made up of absolutely natural ingredients. Other scrubs are gritty and harsh at times, but face polish’s smooth texture along with its active exfoliation is its strength. Exfoliation is absolutely essential in any skincare routine. If you have been ignoring exfoliation, you are missing out on a lot. Exfoliation with the help of the right products can make your skin look years younger. This magical step of skincare should be aided with a gentle face polish for the most impactful results.

Why Should You Use A Face Polish?

Your skin has several dead cells on its surface. These dead cells make your face depressingly dull and dark. However, if you include a face polish in your skincare regime, you can get rid of all the excess build-up. It will make your skin impressively brighter and smoother. Besides, a good face polish has the power to make your skin immensely smooth. It also works to unclog your pores. With an unrivaled blend of ingredients face polishes can help you gain the skin you had as a baby. Exfoliation should be more of a routine than a choice because it is an extremely important step and can give you excessively brilliant results.

How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Face?

Undoubtedly, exfoliation is a crucial step. But then again excessive exfoliation is a very common mistake. As an effort to take care of your skin, you may have accidentally exfoliated a little too much or too often. According to skincare experts, everyone’s skin has different needs. Nevertheless, for making the most of your exfoliating experience, you must use a face polish once a week.

What If You Over-Exfoliate?

The overuse of any beauty product is not safe for your skin. The reaction completely depends on your skin’s nature. While it may be harmless to some skin types, for some it may cause over dry skin. Over-use of any beauty product may lead to breakouts as well.

The Basics Of Face Polish Application

Generally, face polishes should be used at least once a week. Some skin types may require it twice a week. But more than that is too much exfoliation. Exfoliation is often mistaken as being harsh on your skin. That is another big mistake people make. You have to be gentle with your skin. That’s the rule. Your skin has its needs. You need to understand and listen to your skin to make the most of your skincare experience.

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