How to manage combination skin

Can Dryness Lead To Unpleasant Wrinkles?

As inevitable as aging is, nobody can wrap their heads around the fact that with time, their skin will be prone to several signs of aging. Clearly, nobody wants to grow old, but everybody has certain myths about signs of aging. One such myth is that excessively dry skin causes wrinkles. But, is that true? Can dry skin actually cause wrinkles? Although most of you like to believe in this myth; but that doesn't make it the truth. People are misled simply because excessively dry skin appears more wrinkled than the skin that isn’t completely dry. In other words, dry skin reveals more prominent wrinkles, but that certainly doesn’t mean it was dry skin that caused those wrinkles. Anyone with oily skin has a shiny appearance due to excessive oil that may create an appearance of a smooth and even-toned texture. On the other hand, due to the absence of oil, dry skin appears more wrinkled and flakier. So no, your dry skin does not cause wrinkles, but yes, it can highlight them.

Can Applying A Moisturizer Fix The Problem?

Yes, applying a rich moisturizer will definitely solve the matter at hand and make your dry skin look a lot better. But, that’s just a quick fix because as we established dryness is not the cause of the wrinkles; that is why getting rid of that dryness will only seemingly make your skin look better only for a short span. So, to fix your skin for the long haul, you need to find the cause of those signs of aging.

What Are The Real Causes Of Aging?

Understanding the problem is half the solution - that is why in order to take the best care of your skin, you must understand if not dry skin, then what causes the skin to wrinkle. Here is all you need to know. Although aging is inevitable, there are several factors that speed up the process - that is why we have a list of all the reasons why our skin wrinkles. To make it very easy to understand, we have classified all the factors into two broad categories:

  • Internal Factors: The internal factors are the things that happen inside the body that leads to wrinkles. Some of the internal factors are age, repetitive muscle movement, unhealthy lifestyle, and fat loss.
  • External Factors: As the name suggests, external factors refer to the factors that take place outside the body or in the environment that externally affect the skin. Here are all the external factors that lead to aging of the skin - unprotected sun exposure, pollution, and smoking.

How Can Skincare Help You Achieve Young & Wrinkle-free Skin?

Now that you know what causes aging, you need to have a more targeted anti-wrinkle skincare regimen. First things first, you must add a highly potent sunscreen into your morning regimen to provide your skin with the protection it deserves. Now, to make any long-lasting and significant positive changes in your skin, you need to incorporate all the best anti-aging ingredients into your regimen. Although there are several skin-restoring ingredients and skin-replenishing ingredients out there, not all of them are effective, that is why you must pick only the best. To make your skincare shopping easier, here is a list of all the most impactful anti-wrinkle and anti-aging ingredients with their product recommendations.

  • Bakuchiol (Natural Retinol Alternative)
  • Squalane
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Green Tea
  • Activated Charcoal
  • Vitamin C

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