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You Don’t Want To Miss Out On These Must-Have Moisturizing Ingredients





When you are looking for the perfect moisturizer, you will find endless recommendations. Every product is advertised as the "best" moisturizer in the market. So, how to sort through all the products that make false claims and find the moisturizers that "really work"? Apart from the typical time-consuming trial and error method, there is just one other way to find out - understanding essential moisturizing ingredients. Again, there are plenty of skincare ingredients and it is not easy to pick the best. That is why we have applied all our knowledge about moisturizing ingredients into this quick read. Read on to find the must-have moisturizing ingredients that are bound to give you impressive results.

#1 Antioxidants

Antioxidants are enormously vital when it comes to moisturization. In fact, both eating and applying antioxidants can do wonders for the skin. Furthermore, they play an exceptional role in defeating dry skin. Typically, excessive dryness occurs due to the damaging effects of pollution and UV rays. This is because these environmental stressors gradually deplete the skin’s inbuilt ability to retain any moisture. Thereby antioxidants are important for rejuvenating as well as retaining moisture. The best antioxidants: Green tea (contains EGCG), fruit extract (mostly berries like cranberry, blueberries, etc), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B.

#2 Skin-Replenishing Ingredients

There are several skin-replenishing ingredients that revitalize the skin by providing optimum hydration and locking it. This is a striking benefit that every moisturizer must-have. Any product with these ingredients makes the skin soft, supple, and smooth. These magical ingredients work for anyone with dry skin. The best skin-replenishing ingredients include ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, glycerol, salicylic acid, and natural oils like jojoba oil.

#3 Emollients

Emollients are a blend of absolutely essential ingredients that are lubricating in nature. They have the power to effectively hydrate the skin. Thereby, emollients provide us with beautiful, soft, smooth skin and radiant texture. The best emollients include coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, fatty acids, oleic acid, avocado oil, and evening primrose oil.

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