The Ultimate Skincare Hacks For Unmanageably Oily Skin

Why You Should Use Face Polish Instead of a Regular Face Scrub?

When did you last tell your skin that you love it? Yes, your skin listens. It listens through the way you take care of it. If you are a skincare enthusiast and want to make your skin feel loved. Model off duty beauty’s face polish is the product for you. This MODB product is the most effective addition to your current skincare routine. You may wonder that you have a scrub already. But MODB’s face polish is not just a regular scrub. It is extraordinarily exfoliating and it offers unlimited benefits that will lead to healthy-looking skin. If you have dry or dull or perhaps an oily complexion, face polishes can do wonders for you. There are innumerable benefits of exfoliation with a face polish.


Why You Should Include A Face Polish in Your Routine?

Exfoliation is absolutely essential in any skincare routine. If you have been ignoring exfoliation, you are missing out on a lot. Exfoliation with the help of the right products can make your skin look years younger. This magical step of skincare should be aided with a gentle cleanser for impactful results.



Your skin has dead cells on its surface. These dead cells make your face depressingly dull and darker. However, if you include a face polish in your skincare regime, you can get rid of all the excess build-up. It will make your skin impressively brighter and smoother.



Model Off Duty Beauty offers two extraordinary face polishes. These face polishes are made up of the goodness of absolutely natural ingredients. They contain ingredients like rose, sweet almond oil shea butter, hibiscus extract, green tea, aloe Vera, rose extract, and many more. The ingredients together work to provide a youthful and replenishing glow to your skin.



This face polish is incredibly creamy. It is the best product in the market when it comes to cleansing, exfoliation, and the removal of dead skin. This product consists of an impactful combination of emollients. The function of emollients is to softens your skin which makes it surprisingly smooth as well as even-toned. It contains the goodness of natural ingredients such as rose and almond shea butter. There are so many scrubs in the market, but they may make your skin dry and patchy in the end, but this product has the superpower to gift you the best exfoliation experience.



The other face polish offered by MODB is THAT BRIGHT GLOW FACE POLISH. This face polish helps you in exfoliating your skin. But at the same time, this product effectively removes dullness that causes, skin aging. This product is twice as effective as any other scrub that has ever been made. It is made up of an exclusive polishing power that no other scrub has. Other than that it is made up of naturally-curated skin replenishers. It consists of natural extracts of French Green Clay, Green Tea, and Coconut oil which makes it a must-have.


Why Use Face Polish Instead of Face Scrub?

A face polish is extraordinarily gentle as compared to face scrub. Unlike every other chemically loaded product in the market, it is made up of absolutely natural ingredients. Other scrubs are gritty and harsh at times, but face polish’s smooth texture along with its active exfoliation is its strength.