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Why Are AHAs An Important Ingredient in Skincare Product?

There are several skincare products in the market all claiming they will do right by you. We understand how overwhelming it is. This is exactly why we are here to help you. If you have always been unsure which skincare products are suitable for you, you will be clear after this quick read. Out of all the ingredients, AHAs are the most talked about. AHA is an acronym for alpha hydroxy acid. They are derived naturally from milk and innumerable plant sources. But, most of the AHAs used in beauty or skincare products are synthetically derived. This quick read will clear all your doubts about why are AHAs an important ingredient in skincare products?


What are AHAs?

Alpha-hydroxy acids or AHAs are a group of plants as well as animal-derived acids. They are used in various skin care products. These AHA-filled products include all the effective anti-aging products, like, toners, serums, and creams. Typically, beauty and skincare products are composed of one of the seven types of AHAs. Common AHA sources are,
  • Lactic acid derived from lactose.
  • Malic acid derived from fruits.
  • Tartaric acid derived from grapes.
  • Citric acid derived from citrus fruits.
  • Glycolic acid derived from sugar cane.
  • Hydroxy caproic acid derived from royal jelly or animals.

Furthermore, there are several research studies that claim AHAs are super effective. In fact, out of several AHA sources, lactic acids and glycolic are the most effective. This is the primary reason most of the skincare products contain either glycolic or lactic acid.


How can AHAs help you?

Primarily, AHAs are used to exfoliate. Moreover, they can also assist in, promotion of collagen as well as blood flow along with the correction of discoloration from scars or age spots. Along with that, they assist in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, they prevent acne and visibly brightens. AHAs infused products also have the power to effectively increases product absorption.


Why Are AHA's An Important Ingredient in Skincare Products?

Although, there are several advantages of AHAs, here are some of the most important benefits of AHAs that give testimony why are AHAs an important ingredient in skincare products?
  1. AHAs help in exfoliation.
  2. They help visibly brighten skin.
  3. AHAs help promote collagen production
  4. They help reduce the appearance of surface lines and wrinkles
  5. AHAs promote blood flow to the skin
  6. They help minimize and correct discoloration
  7. AHAs help treat and prevent acne
  8. They help increase product absorption


If you have been looking for effective exfoliation, then AHA infused products are worth your time. You can go for an AHA-containing serum, or cream, or even a toner. AHAs are one of the most-researched ingredients. As effective as they are, they have been a controversial ingredient because of their excessively strong effects. This is precisely why AHAs are not fro everyone. but they aren’t for everyone.


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