Skincare for dry skin

The right sequence to apply a serum, a face oil and a cream!

The skincare market is flooding with a plethora of things and we get a lot of questions from customers about which product to choose. Well, skincare lines have different categories of products like serums, creams, face oils, masks, etc. because they are all beneficial to your skin in some or the other way. Well, talking about the sequence, people usually tend to skip on face oils or confuse them with serums. The first thing you need to know is that serums, face oils and creams have different purposes and a proper proportion of each of them everyday can really keep your skin healthy and youthful in the long term. At Model Off Duty Beauty, we have a variety of products, each with some targeted benefits and here's the right sequence to apply them!
  • After washing your face with a hydrating cleanser like this one, you should apply a serum loaded with antioxidants. Serums are basically light and help in delivering the potent ingredients to your skin quite efficiently. You can try adding a serum like this one to your skincare routine for this purpose.
  • After this step, you may provide your skin with a strong dose of vitamin C as it brightens the skin while protecting it from environmental damage and UV rays. You can try adding this serum to your skincare routine as it delivers instant brightness, smoothness and clear skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation.
  • To lock down all the potent ingredients and their goodness in the roots of your skin, you can try adding a cream like this into your skincare routine. It is loaded with good ingredients like hyaluronic acid, powerful vitamins, etc. to give your skin a healthy glow. Adding a cream in your skincare routine boosts the overall nourishing and healing process.
  • Let these ingredients settle down and then apply a suitable face oil. Face oils are extremely good for every skin type as they are formulated to nourish, relax and rejuvenate the skin from within. You can try adding this oil to your skincare routine as it penetrates deep into the skin while reducing the overall skin damage.