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Rosehip : The Ingredient Your Skin Needs!

Rosehip oil, also known as rosehip seed oil, is extracted from the seeds of rose plant, indigenous to Chile. Unlike rose oil, it is extracted from the seeds of rose bushes and is utterly rich in vitamins and other nutrients. It's been prized since ancient times for its skin-nourishing properties. It also contains essential fatty acids and phenols that benefit the skin. Rosehip oil is a carrier oil and can be used to dilute essential oils which are too intense to put directly on the skin! If you wanna know more about the benefits of this wonderful oil, here are some!
  • It hydrates the skin, making it soft, smooth and supple. The oil contains fatty acids which penetrate deep into the skin and makes it look better.
  • Rosehip oil is a light and non-greasy oil. It locks the moisturization into the skin and prevents premature aging.
  • It is enriched with vitamin A & C, which are both necessary for the production of collagen. It is also known to make the skin firmer and smoother.
  • It naturally exfoliates your skin while hydrating it so that it glows brighter.
  • Rosehip oil also helps in reducing redness and inflammation while soothing the skin.
  • It contains vitamins that synergistically combat visible sun damage. It also protects the skin from further damage.
  • It is a light oil and protects the skin from hyperpigmentation.
  • Rosehip oil contains lycopene and beta carotene, which are widely known for their skin-lightening properties and help in reducing visible hyperpigmentation.
  • It also helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles while preventing the skin from other signs of aging.

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