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Everyone’s skincare goal is ultimately getting stunningly clear and gorgeously glowing skin. While the goals are clear, every skincare journey has its ups and downs. With innovative products hitting the market every day, and amateur skincare advice everywhere, it is hard to figure out what is real. Well, every upcoming skincare enthusiast gets the basics right - drink plenty of water, and keep your sleep schedule stable. But, you really need expert advice for everything in between! To ease this process for you, we took the liberty of researching skin care advice by all the renowned and qualified dermatologists. After thoroughly exploring views from only the top skincare experts, we have put together a list of expert advice your skin craves.

#1 Be consistent

After you know what your skin needs, you need to understand consistency is key. Thereby, to incorporate discipline and consistency, you must fix a time for both AM and PM skincare.

#2 Always use clean face towels

If you are tired of breakouts or oily skin; make sure your face towel is clean. Hands off the hand towel. Cleanliness is always important. In fact, make sure your hands are clean before applying anything on your face.

#3 Go for multi-masking

Selecting one mask may be difficult for your combination skin type. Nevertheless, we have a solution - incorporate multi-masking. Multi-masking basically means that you use separate masks for separate parts of the face. Your unique and specific concerns need special attention. Multi-masking does it all. You need a soothing moisture mask for dry areas and an oil-absorbing for your t-zone. It strictly depends on the nature of your skin and its concerns.

#4 Double-cleansing may solve all your problems

Double-cleansing can transform your skincare game. Instead of using one harsh cleanser, you must go for two mild cleansers to gently remove all the build-up without scraping off your essential hydration.

#5 Be patient

If you are sure you are applying all the products in the correct order, and still not getting any results, you need to be patient. It may take a while. In fact, there is a chance you lack patience even while layering your skincare. You need to patient and give time for each skincare product to be absorbed.

#6 Add a sunscreen

The harmful rays of the sun will steal all your glow. That is precisely why, you must never forget using an SPF infused product in your morning skincare.

#7 Go for natural ingredients

If you want your gorgeous glow for the long haul, you need to steer away from chemically filled toxic products. Pick products that are made up of naturally-sourced ingredients. For example, if you want the goodness of retinol, opt for its natural alternative - bakuchiol.

#8 Trust Vitamin C infused products for bright and glowing skin

The products infused with vitamin C will help you get rid of the most stubborn marks as well. Add a vitamin C-infused product, it can be a cleanser, toner, or serum, depending upon your needs.

#9 Add a serum to cater your unique skincare concerns

Serums are highly concentrated liquid-based magic potions. Each serum is targeted towards one goal. And they deliver what they claim. For example, if you have dark spots, add an antioxidant-filled serum to fight it.

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