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Exfoliation: An Important Skin Care Step You Never Knew You Needed

Myth: All exfoliators are harsh and irritating.

Fact: People often believe that all the exfoliants are harsh and irritating. Although there are some scrubs that are unnecessarily harsh, that’s not true for all of them. You must avoid any product that scratches or irritates your skin. Instead, opt for gentle exfoliants that are easily available in the market. These exfoliators or face polishes have smaller and gentler particles, so they do not harm your skin. You can also opt for liquid-based chemical exfoliants for the ultimate safe experience. So, the fact is that all exfoliators are not harsh and irritating.

Myth: I can’t see any dead skin or darkening; why should I exfoliate unnecessarily?

Fact: Even if you have seemingly amazing skin, you have a barrier of dirt and dead cells that you may not immediately see. But you need an exfoliator to get rid of it. Some people quickly notice the dullness in their skin and incorporate gentle exfoliation in their regimen. On the other hand, there are some people who do not realize the root cause, but rather find a solution for the symptoms. For example, the accumulation of dead skin cells leads to the darkening of the skin. But, instead of an exfoliator, they incorporate a brightening cream because the issue at hand is darkening; it may simply not work. Hence, exfoliation is not unnecessary at all because when unattended, it leads to several other issues.

Myth: Chemical exfoliants don’t work as well as physical exfoliators.

Fact: You may not actually get to rub your dead skin cells away, but that doesn’t mean chemical exfoliators don’t work. Actually, that’s what makes chemical-based exfoliants a safer pick. Trust us, you can rely on an exfoliating toner as a part of your regimen with your eyes closed. Yes, it’s that safe. Since it’s super penetrable, its working mechanism is a little different and it is completely non-abrasive. Any chemical exfoliators infused with soothing ingredients is the most innovative way to gently exfoliate. They promote the production of new skin cells and at the same time maximize natural collagen formation. You must pick a chemical exfoliator to instantly balance, heal, and soothe your skin for a radiant glow.

Myth: My skin is sensitive and acne prone, exfoliation may aggravate it.

Fact: If your skin is sensitive or acne-prone, it is natural to be skeptical while adding any new product. In the case of exfoliation, the trick is to pick a gentle exfoliator and use it only once or twice a week. This will naturally make your skin less prone to acne. Also, you must look for gentle ingredients that are soothing. Most importantly, go for alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and 100% natural products. Do not go for harsh or physical exfoliators. So, the solution is to pick the right products instead of completely missing out on them. With this selection process, you can reap the benefits of exfoliation without aggravating your sensitive or acne-prone skin. To make this process effortlessly easy for you, we have enlisted the exfoliating products we highly recommend.

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