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Difference between Dry and Dehydrated Skin & How to Choose the Best Products.

Glow Potion Exfoliating Toner model The major signs of dehydrated skin include dry skin. Perhaps this is the reason, people are often confused between the two. To clarify, dry skin and dehydrated skin are not synonymous. In fact, there is quite a major difference. Generally, dehydrated skin is a temporary skin concern. But dry skin is a permanent or comparatively longer skin concern. People have used the two terms interchangeably and that has only amplified the confusion. Dry skin is a skin type. It’s the nature of your skin. But dehydrated skin is a skin concern. Anyone can have dehydrated skin regardless of skin type. Dehydration is not exclusive to those with dry skin.

Why is understanding the difference important?

Any problem is half solved when we clearly understand the problem. Therefore, understanding your skin concern must be the first step towards fresh and flawless skin. Once you are clear about the difference between dehydrated and dry skin; you will understand your skin’s needs better. This, in turn, will help you pick fewer and effective products that will reward you with extraordinary looking skin.

How to recognize if you have Dry Skin or Dehydrated Skin?

DRY SKIN If you have dry skin, your skin will feel dry and tight. You will feel the absence of oil. Your skin will have these characteristics with no fluctuations at all. Characteristically, dry skin feels dry for the entire year. DEHYDRATED SKIN But if you have dehydrated skin. Your skin may feel dry or tight but it will come and go. Unlike, dry skin dehydrated skin does not persist all year long. Another major characteristic of dehydrated skin is that it leads to excessive oil on the skin. Despite the excess of oil, your skin may feel dry. Dehydrated skin is the dry skin under the oily layer. You will be surprised, but selecting the wrong products will only exaggerate your already existing problem. RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR DRY SKIN DREAM GLOW MOISTURE CREAM Dream glow moisture cream GLOW + HYDRATE CREAM CLEANSER HYBRID glow hydrate cream cleanser hybrid PURE ROSE FACE POLISH EXFOLIATOR SUPREME EVEN SKIN BLUE TANSY FACE OIL A MODB product for dry skin RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS FOR DEHYDRATED SKIN SUBLIME GREEN TEA HYDRATING TONER TRULY CLEAN WHITE ROSE CLEANSER Rose Cleanser