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All The Moisturizing Tips You Need For The Softest Winter Skin

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Every year, we are all thrilled about the season's hot chocolate and fluffy blankets. In fact this year, we can’t wait for the warm cozy nights. But, while we are super excited, we have not forgotten what the cold winter air does to our skin. Naturally, with the changes in the season, the requirements of our skin change as well. That is precisely why we are here with a winter skincare reminder. Because if you do not pre-plan your skincare for the winter, this spectacularly beautiful season is going to attack your glow game. To be more accurate, the cold weather outside paired with the heated indoors is simply an invitation for dry skin that is dehydrated and sensitive. But you know what, just a few moisturizing tips can help you get the softest winter skin. For starters, the first thing you need to do is, simply trade your lightweight summer skincare with heavier, richer, and more restorative formulas. Just by doing this, you can keep your skin hydrated. But, that's not all. Winter skincare is so much more. In fact, if you aren’t cautious, it is likely that the dry air of this cold season may make your precious skin red, itchy, or even irritated. But worry not, we have a list of the most effective moisturizing tips to combat the dry winter skin once and for all. Here is all you need to follow for happy and healthy skin even during the harshest winters.

#1 Modify your daily skincare routine

With the onset of the winter months, you will gradually have to modify your skincare regime. This can be simply done by switching to rich and luscious cream-based products. Whether it’s a moisturizer or a cleanser, it must be hydrating and moisturizing in nature to combat the dryness. In fact, make sure your products are alcohol-free and gentle. Moreover, for the night, use a rich night cream to wake up with hydrated fresh skin in the morning.

#2 Moisturize twice a day

You can maintain healthy winter skin by simply moisturizing twice a day. We highly recommend using a cream-based moisturizer during winter. But, make sure you add moisturization in your morning as well as your night routine. Also, do not forget moisturizing your hands and feet.

#3 Don’t forget the lips

Winter has its charm, but it brings with it havoc for the skin, especially the lips. We have all had chapped lips during the season. And it is hands down the most irritating winter problem. But you can simply avoid it with help of a moisturizing product.

#4 Do not over exfoliate

Although exfoliation is an important step in the skincare regime, in the winter, exfoliation has to be limited to just once a week. This is because winters already make our skin's barrier super sensitive and over-exfoliation can damage the skin. In fact, pick a mild face polish instead of a harsh exfoliator.

#5 Apply sunscreen

It’s natural to be fooled by dark and dreary winter days. But, the harmful rays of the sun can easily penetrate the clouds to damage your precious skin. So, make it your mantra to apply a healthy and moisturizing sunscreen. Also, make sure you pick a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or even higher for exposed parts of the body.

#6 Be extra careful with your combination skin

If you have combination skin, you should avoid products that make your skin feel greasy or coated, even during winter. An excessively oily skincare product that leads to clogged pores or bumps - it is a no brainer - you want to avoid that. To stop this from happening, you need to get rid of all the excessively rich cleansers and moisturizers. Too many heavy products will never give you skin-friendly results. You should layer a sequence of lightweight skincare products to enjoy the best of your skin type without any side effects. The appropriate combination of products can provide replenishing, smoothing effects without making your skin feel heavy or excessively oily.

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