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A Basic Skincare Routine For Your Busiest Days

We’ve all had our share of busy days and we certainly don’t complain. But, when we get back after juggling a truckload of tasks all day long; whether it is the work at the office, squeezing in an essential workout, or a quick grocery run - a long thorough skincare routine sounds simply exhausting. That is why we are making a divine intervention to give you just the routine you need for your jam-packed schedule. Skincare doesn’t always have to be a 15-step routine. We understand your busy lifestyle and that your skin deserves attention. Thus, from today onwards, you wouldn’t have to sacrifice your precious skincare. Because we are here with a basic skincare routine for your busiest days.

A Basic 3-Step Skincare Routine

In our busy lives, we all want a quick fix to our problems. However, when it comes to skincare, it gets a little tricky. Nevertheless, here’s the quick skincare routine we promised that will take just a few quick minutes and will not feel like a load, even on the most eventful days.

#1 Makeup Removal And Cleansing

Every skincare routine in the world must start with removing your makeup and cleansing your face. Cleansing lifts away any impurities or excess oil from your face. This actively preps your skin for any further layering. Do not pick a harsh cleanser to quicken the process. It may do the job quickly for the moment, but in the long run, it's just destructive. That is why you can pair your cleanser with a gentle toner to cleanse effectively.

#2 Your Eyes Need Your Attention

Sure, you can exfoliate or use a targeted serum before the eye cream. But since we are planning to keep things basic, applying an eye cream should be your next step. The area around your eyes is super fragile and prone to signs of aging. That is why you mustn’t miss out on the eye cream. Pick a restorative eye cream that is made up of active and effective natural ingredients.

#3 Seal The Moisture

After you have cleansed and applied your eye cream; you must hydrate your skin. You can pick an SPF-infused moisturizer to speed up the process. But, pick a separate nightly moisturizer. Also, we strongly advise you to pick a moisturizer that is made up of natural and effective ingredients. Moisturization is an essential step as it moisturizes the skin and locks the moisture; this keeps your skin smooth and supple all day long.

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