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Glycolic Acid : The AHA You Need For Glowing Skin

Glycolic acid, one of the best and most effective AHAs, has been one of the most famous skincare ingredients of all time. Like other AHAs, glycolic acid works as a great leave-on exfoliant and protects the skin from environmental damage. Whether you have it in your cream or your toner, you’ll start noticing the positive effects as soon as it touches your skin! If you’re not very familiar with this superstar AHA, here are a few points that will convince you to buy a product infused with its goodness....

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Are toners really needed in your skincare regimen?

You must be familiar with the age-old beauty mantra Cleanse, tone, moisturize. While the purposes of cleansing and moisturizing are clear. But what exactly is toning? Are toners really needed in your skincare regimen? In fact, what is a toner? All that you ever wanted to know about a Toner What Is a Toner? It’s a beauty product, that is meant to get rid of any makeup, dirt, or oil that may be left after cleansing. The toners in the past or older generation toners used to enormously drying. This is because the only purpose of toner used to be “to get rid of excess oil.” Skin products have been undergoing...

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The Night Skincare Regimen to Follow to achieve a Bright, Flawless & Balanced Skin the Following Morning

  With your excessively busy life, your skin is exposed to plenty of dirt, pollution, and whatnot. Just like you need your rest at the end of the day. Your skin demands its rest and a perfect night skin care. What if we tell you, you can gift your skin a proper restorative experience in just 5 minutes.  Yes, if done the right way, just five minutes in front of your bathroom mirror will make your skin glow as it has never before. We want to take all your stress away and give you the perfect recipe for nightly skincare. We have broken down all our knowledge about night skincare in...

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Why Using A Face Toner Is Extremely Important

Now that we're all going back to basics, in terms of fashion, culture, etc. , it's time to bring back the OG acne-fighter - A Face Toner! We've all used this product at some point in our lives and it has probably never disappointed us. Toning is basically an in-between skincare step which comes just after cleansing but before moisturising. Well, traditionally used for pH balancing, toners can do much more for your skin. If you're new to the concept of toning, here are a few benefits which would convince you to make it an essential skincare step. Removes dirt, oil and other impurities, making the pores...

Rose Blogpost

Rose : The Beautiful Ingredient For A Beautiful Skin!

Rose water is one of the skincare superstars we've been using for centuries. Made from the steam distillation of rose petals, rose water is no less than a blessing! Apart from its great hydrating and soothing properties, rose water has many other benefits you'd love to hear. It's one of the most trending ingredients in skincare since a decade and it has all the reasons to be on the top! Find out what this wonderful ingredient can do for your skin, right here! Rose water helps in treating acne and acne scars as it has antimicrobial properties. It is full of antioxidants and is known to protect...

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