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5 Reasons Why You Should Add a Facial Oil In Your Skincare

If we ever were asked to pick the most transformational skincare product out of an endless list of skincare products out there; we would pick a facial oil. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the extraordinary effects of suitable facial oil. Face and oil in the same sentence seem like a scary combination; particularly if you have oily, sensitive, or acne-prone skin. But, then again, incorporating a facial oil in your regular skincare regimen will visibly transform your skin. Moreover, you might be reluctant to use facial oil because it is likely that you have had a tough time dealing with acne, dark spots, or perhaps signs of aging....

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Glycolic Acid : The AHA You Need For Glowing Skin

Glycolic acid, one of the best and most effective AHAs, has been one of the most famous skincare ingredients of all time. Like other AHAs, glycolic acid works as a great leave-on exfoliant and protects the skin from environmental damage. Whether you have it in your cream or your toner, you’ll start noticing the positive effects as soon as it touches your skin! If you’re not very familiar with this superstar AHA, here are a few points that will convince you to buy a product infused with its goodness....

best face polish

4 Small Steps Of Skincare For 1 Big Win Of Self-love

Let’s be honest, skincare is just not our priority after an exceptionally long and tiring day. But, believe it or not, your skin is equally tired and deserves a little attention. Only, the good news is, there is nothing more relaxing than a calming skincare routine. After all, everyone craves that obsession-worthy healthy and soft skin. But, how to care for your skin after a long day? Worry not, because we have got you covered. We have all the right answers because we understand your skin deserves a little treat, after being exposed to plentiful environmental stressors. And trust us a little bit of skincare goes a...

Skincare Basics For Effortlessly Tighter & Brighter Skin

Keeping your skin tight and bright without making an effort might sound like an impossible task. Well, if you want to keep your skin healthy in the long haul, there are some habits and some ingredients you can add to your skincare routine. These things help in firming your skin while repairing it from the inside. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, eating nutrient-rich food, and staying hydrated is as important as topical treatment so don’t ever skip on these things. Here’s what you can do to make your skin look healthier, tighter, and brighter!...

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Activated Charcoal Is The New Trend In Skincare That Everyone is Obsessed About

Activated Charcoal is definitely one of the most trending skincare ingredients these days! Well, it has all the reasons to be on the top! Apart from being a great exfoliator, activated charcoal is known for its absorbent and anti-bacterial properties. It draws bacteria, chemicals, toxins, dirt, etc. from the skin, imparting a flawless complexion and healthy glow to the skin. It also acts as a disinfectant and can be used to heal wounds. From cleansers to masks, this ingredient has been popular among all skincare products since quite a long time because of its miraculous clarifying properties. If you haven't included it in your skincare routine yet,...

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Shea Butter – The Lush Ingredient You Absolutely Need In Your Skincare This Winter

If you're a skincare junkie, you must've definitely heard about this miraculous ingredient - Shea Butter! More wonderful than it sounds, shea butter has a number of skincare benefits. It does everything from promoting cell regeneration to improving the appearance of skin that's why we call it miraculous in here. This all-star moisturizer is derived from nuts, majorly found in West Africa and is 100% safe when topically used. You must be already in love with it if you've used it before but in case you've not, here are a few reasons that'd tempt you to get every product with this miraculous ingredient on your beauty shelf!...

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Abyssinian Oil Is Our New Favorite Skincare Ingredient

Abyssinian oil is a natural seed oil and is widely used in the skincare industries for its excellent emollient properties! It's light, non-greasy and what do we say? Miraculous? Well, it is! While you must've heard about other famous facial oils like chamomile, jojoba, etc., this one's relatively new in the industry (despite being used for years). If you're a skincare fanatic, you might already know about the wonders of this natural seed oil but if you don't, we've listed them right here for you. In fact, we don't want you to miss such great things!!...

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Roses Might Just Be The Saving Grace Your Skin Needs

Rosewater is one of the skincare superstars we've been using for centuries. Made from the steam distillation of rose petals, rose water is no less than a blessing! Apart from its great hydrating and soothing properties, rose water has many other benefits you'd love to hear. It's one of the most trending ingredients in skincare for a decade and it has all the reasons to be on the top! Find out what this wonderful ingredient can do for your skin, right here!...

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