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Glycolic Acid : The AHA You Need For Glowing Skin

Glycolic acid, one of the best and most effective AHAs, has been one of the most famous skincare ingredients of all time. Like other AHAs, glycolic acid works as a great leave-on exfoliant and protects the skin from environmental damage. Whether you have it in your cream or your toner, you’ll start noticing the positive effects as soon as it touches your skin! If you’re not very familiar with this superstar AHA, here are a few points that will convince you to buy a product infused with its goodness....

What is AHA?

Difference between Dry and Dehydrated Skin & How to Choose the Best Products.

The major signs of dehydrated skin include dry skin. Perhaps this is the reason, people are often confused between the two. To clarify, dry skin and dehydrated skin are not synonymous. In fact, there is quite a major difference. Generally, dehydrated skin is a temporary skin concern. But dry skin is a permanent or comparatively longer skin concern. People have used the two terms interchangeably and that has only amplified the confusion. Dry skin is a skin type. It’s the nature of your skin. But dehydrated skin is a skin concern. Anyone can have dehydrated skin regardless of skin type. Dehydration is not exclusive to those with dry...

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How to Get Naturally Glowing Skin?

The best sign of healthy skin is its natural glow. But, our busy lives, stress, lack of sleep, or even the food you eat affect the way our skin looks. If you don’t want your busy lifestyle to rob your natural glow, you need to take care of your skin. Your skin can be transformed from dull to dazzling with just a few simple steps aided by the perfect products. Steps to get that natural glow you are craving, 1.Regular Cleansing Cleaning your skin seems like just another thing you are supposed to do. But that’s so not true. Skin cleansing is one of the primary yet most important steps...

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Ingredients That Can Instantly Boost Hydration!

Hydrated skin looks healthier, younger and more beautiful which is why you should always look for ingredients that can give your skin a hydration-boost! You need to provide every layer of your skin with the right ingredients in order to keep it soft, supple and healthy. When we're young, our skin naturally produces some substances like hyaluronic acid which help in keeping the skin moist and plump but as we age, this process tends to slow down. To keep it healthy in the long term, we need to provide these ingredients to our skin topically after a certain age. While drinking adequate amount of water tops the...

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The Age Reversing Ingredients And Things You Need To Know About!

Old, aged skin is something we all fear hence we take every possible measure to avoid it. Due to environmental aggressors and unhealthy lifestyle these days, people are more likely to be victims of premature aging. Uneven skin tone, pigmentation, dullness, etc. are all signs of aging and should be prevented rather than being cured. Well, we always mention that you should establish a proper skincare routine in your early 20s to protect your skin from damage, if you've failed to do so and started caring for your skin in your late 20s or 30s, here are a few things you can do to reverse the aging process....

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Your Guide To A Quick Skincare Routine!

Skincare is as important as your health. Following a proper skincare routine is extremely important as it soothes, calms and prepares your skin for the day. Getting late for office or being 'too tired' to apply all the products is no excuse but we understand that there are times when you cannot really follow a proper 7-step skincare routine. For such times, streamlining your routine might be the best option. Streamlining your skincare routine is basically providing you skin with all the essential ingredients in just 3 steps! So, here's a guide to your 5 minute skincare routine, you must never skip on! Day-time routine Wash your face...

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Lavender Oil : The ‘essential’ ingredient for your skin!

You must've heard about the 'essential' oils and why you should add it into your skincare routine. Every essential oil has its own benefits on the skin but lavender oil is definitely the one that we love! Lavender, one of the most-used flower in aromatherapy and skincare too, has a plethora of benefits you'd like to know about. From making the complexion better to curing acne, lavender oil has numerous benefits that can make your skin better in no time! If you haven't added this miraculous oil into your skincare regimen yet, here are a few reasons why you should definitely give it a try! If you...

Skincare for dry skin

How to use multiple skincare products at once for optimum benefit!

When it comes to natural skincare, multitasking products can be a great option as it helps in achieving better results in less time. Combining the benefits of multiple ingredients can never get easier than this and it is one of the best ways to get the most out of every product. Here are a few skincare products from Model Off Duty Beauty you can multitask and get great results with! After cleansing your face with a gentle, hydrating cleanser like this one, you can apply these products and get the best of results in lesser time! Day routine Dream Glow Moisture Cream Loaded with the goodness of hydrating oils and...

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