Best face firming creams

Why Using A Face Oil Is So Important For A Healthy Glow!

If you think using a face oil would make your skin 'oily' and prone to breakouts, think again! It is one of the 'ancient' beauty products that people used to get a clear, healthy skin all around the world and especially Egypt! Face oils nourish, soothe and calm the skin, protecting it from environmental damage. Moreover, it might be that one missing step from your at the par skincare regimen because of which you're not getting the results you expected! Not all face oils are the same so looking at the ingredient list is never a bad choice! If you still have doubts in your mind, keep...

bakuchiol better than retinol

Ginkgo Biloba – The New ‘Go-to’ Skincare Ingredient You Need To Know About!

While there are a number of natural ingredients that are hitting the skincare trend chart, some ingredients like the one we're gonna talk about deserve some special attention! Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest trees on planet and is basically found in Asia. It is mainly known for its health benefits but nowadays, its widely used in skincare because it is a potent source of antioxidants. Yes, this wonderful plant does it all, from preventing breakouts to repairing dull, damaged skin. Here are a few points to make you more familiar with the wonderful ingredient - it's worth it! It is a potent source of antioxidants...

Get Over The Blues With Blue Tansy!

Yellow in color, blue tansy is truly a blessing! Ironic? Well, what's hard to decide is whether its healing properties are more interesting or its name. In skincare, it's mostly used in the oil form and no doubt, it is one of the best and most used oils in this industry nowadays. Before the poppy blue color catches your eye, here are some valid reasons to get it and we're sure you won't regret taking it home. It helps in improving the appearance of blemished area. Fights acne, dark spots and pimples. Blue tansy is also known to minimize redness and soothe skin irritation, which make it...

Golden Glow Face Oil model

Bakuchiol – The ‘Natural’ Retinol You Need To Know About!

Retinol is one of the best and majorly used ingredients in the skincare industry today. Though its really helpful in improving the quality of your skin, some people might report cases of dryness. To overcome this problem, the skincare industry started using a natural plant that's used in Indian Ayurveda and some Chinese medicines - Bakuchiol, which is known to have almost same properties and effects as retinol. Isn't that great? If you're new to this term, here are a few points that'd make you more familiar to it while tempting you to buy products infused with this wonderful ingredient! Bakuchiol is a natural anti age and...

Bakuchiol Booster Serum model

Squalane : The skincare ingredient you can rely upon!

Our skin has a built-in system for keeping it moisturized but as we age, these natural moisturizers fail to provide enough hydration hence an external substitute is needed. One ingredient you can consider to add into your skincare routine to protect your skin from chapping is Squalane. Squalane is the stable and hydrogenated form of squalene, which is a lipid, naturally produced by our skin in order to keep it healthy and hydrated. Hydration is extremely necessary to keep the skin healthy and topical usage of plant-derived squalane can really help you with the same. If you're not familiar to this term, here are a few points that...

Best face firming creams

Acids that are good for your skin!

You might frown upon reading the word 'acid' on the ingredient label of your favorite product but before you do that, you need to know that some acids can do wonders for your skin. They really can! Our skin produces certain acids but their production starts declining due to a number of factors like pollutants, age, etc. To combat the signs of aging and keep your skin hydrated, youthful and fresh in the longer go, you need to add some acids in your skincare routine. Hyaluronic acid, Amino acids, alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, etc. are some of the best-known ingredients used in the skincare industry. Read...

Blue Tansy Face Oil model

Niacinamide – The Superstar Ingredient Your Skin Needs!

Apart from retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, there is one more ingredient you need to add into your skincare routine - Niacinamide. Commonly known as Vitamin B3, it is a water-soluble compound that mixes well with other clean ingredients in order to improve the quality of your skin. It is a superstar ingredient that helps in dealing with almost every skincare concern and is good for all skin types! A powerful anti-ager, niacinamide is known to visibly improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of aging. We love this ingredients so much and we would like to tell you about its benefits so...

Skincare for dry skin

How to use multiple skincare products at once for optimum benefit!

When it comes to natural skincare, multitasking products can be a great option as it helps in achieving better results in less time. Combining the benefits of multiple ingredients can never get easier than this and it is one of the best ways to get the most out of every product. Here are a few skincare products from Model Off Duty Beauty you can multitask and get great results with! After cleansing your face with a gentle, hydrating cleanser like this one, you can apply these products and get the best of results in lesser time! Day routine Dream Glow Moisture Cream Loaded with the goodness of hydrating oils and...

Face Mask Model Off Duty Beauty

How Face Masks Can Help You In Getting A Clearer, Healthier Skin!

Following a proper skincare regimen is extremely important to keep your skin youthful and glowing in the longer haul. Cleansers, toners, moisturisers, serums, etc. are some things you have to include in your daily skincare routine and it's obvious that we can't afford to miss on it but there's one more thing you shouldn't miss on when it comes to skincare - Face Masks! Yes, using a face mask, once in a while (as per your skin needs) can greatly benefit your skin. There's an ingredient for every skin type and a skin type for every ingredient so jot down the ones your skin loves and get...

Model Off Duty Beauty Superfruit Restorative Eye Cream

How to protect the under-eye skin from aging.

You might start looking for an eye cream as soon as you start noticing the signs of aging on the rest of your skin. Eye skin is prone to aging hence it needs to be protected from an earlier age. Fine lines, wrinkles, darkness, puffiness are all signs of aging and you should start caring about 'em before the condition worsens. Here are some tips to keep this under-eye skin healthy, firm and bright. While getting proper sleep and feeding your body with the best of vitamins and minerals tops the list, keeping this delicate under-eye skin hydrated is extremely important. You can consider adding a cream...

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